Student Night at ECON

Student Night at ECON

Pizza Party: 5:30 pm – 6:15 pm

Speaker: Ed Newton at 7:00 pm

Get involved by attending – or live streaming – Ed Newton speaking to your own event. Live streaming instructions will be provided later. Make sure you have a good wireless connection and the ability to show it.

Your Part:
Get your students to:

1. Pray
• Lead students to create a list of lost friends each one could invite to the event
• Ask students to pray daily for their list of friends
• Pray for students’ lost friends every time you gather (Sunday School, small groups, etc)

2. Invite
• Lead them to invite their friends

3. Follow-up with Harvest
• Have leaders prepared to help with decision counseling
• Baptism
• Spiritual Counseling

Date: January 28, 2019

Location: First Baptist, Covington

Live Streaming Student Night


The recommended download speed is 5mbps. Provide your own food, entertainment and/or worship then live stream as much of the event as you want or just Ed Newton’s message.

For those hosting a simulcast provide your own food, entertainment and worship then simulcast Ed Newton’s message or as much of the event as you want.