Student Night at ECON

Student Night at ECON

5:00 pm: Pizza Party

6:00 pm: Worship begins in Sanctuary

8:15 pm: Special Louisiana Baptists Movie Screening – I Still Believe, Fellowship Hall* (with popcorn & cokes!)

* Location subject to change (Youth choir at this event.)

NOTICE: The film will not be available through the live stream. Only those in attendance will be able to view the movie.

Get involved by attending or live streaming the event. Live streaming instructions will be provided later. Make sure you have a good wireless connection and the ability to show it.

I Still Believe

Date: January 27, 2020

Location: First Baptist, Lafayette

Live Streaming Student Night


The recommended download speed is 5mbps. Provide your own food, entertainment and/or worship then live stream as much of the event as you want or just Fred Luter’s message.

For those hosting a simulcast provide your own food, entertainment and worship then simulcast Fred Luter’s message or as much of the event as you want.

Your Part:
Get your students to:

1. Pray
• Lead students to create a list of lost friends each one could invite to the event
• Ask students to pray daily for their list of friends
• Pray for students’ lost friends every time you gather (Sunday School, small groups, etc)

2. Invite
• Lead them to invite their friends

3. Follow-up
• Have leaders prepared to help with decision counseling
• Baptism
• Spiritual Counseling